Free shipping on orders over 100$ USD in Saudi Arabia

Cancellation Policy - Talid General Trading L.L.C.



To cancel an item/order:

If the order you are canceling is not yet shipped then you have the right to cancel without any fee.

We usually process the shipping within 24/48 hours from the date of placing the order. So it's adviced to request to cancel before the shipping of the item. In case the order is shipped, then we will need to follow the returns procedure.

You can just write to us at and express your will to cancel. 

Please mention your order ID and the email used to place the order. 

You can also reach our customer care numbers provided and express your will to cancel. 
The cancellation of your order or an item from the order would then be processed and you would also receive an email with the update for the canceled item(s) / order.